Regional Policy Commissioner Hearing

Greens/EFA assessment

Green MEP Monika Vana Delli gives our assessment of Regional Policy Commissioner nominee Corina Cretu

What is your overall impression of how commissioner-designate Cretu performed?

Ms. Cretu was good on the content and general line of her portfolio while also very open. She has experience as an MEP and wants to cooperate with the European Parliament, and in general continue the line of her predecessor Johanes Hahn. She was however weak on important topics for us such as the Green Economy, Green Jobs and Public Services. She also said nothing new and nothing concrete.

Were there particular issues or answers that stood out – either in positive or negative sense?

The partnership principle was not even mentioned in her introduction. There was no offer to strengthen partnership for further operational programmes.

There was also distinct lack of concrete proposals in other areas, whether in the role of cities and public services, gender mainstreaming or the Green economy or Green jobs.

Do you think she is suitable for the portfolio for which she has been appointed?

Yes, but I doubt whether she will play a big role in the Commission especially "together" (against?) Vice-President Katainen. We have to back her on this! We want her to play a strong role!

Out of 10, what marks would you give him for his performance at the hearing?