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Save the bees

Have your say by answering the consultation

The Commission (DG ENVI) has launched a consultation to collect views on the decline of pollinators in order to inform the development of an EU initiative on pollinators. The initiative aims to combat this decline by focusing on 3 objectives: 1 / improve knowledge; 2 / halting the causes of decline (habitats, reducing the risks and impacts of pesticides and improving the risk assessment of pesticides); 3 / increase awareness. 

To inform the development of this initiative, the Commission is launching a consultation to which we invite you to respond widely until 5th April.


It is important to answer it because, although the intentions of the Commission have not been precisely stated, it is likely that this will lead to a normative text that would allow to monitor pollinators decline in the EU.

In Europe, pollinators are primarily insects like bees, hoverflies, butterflies, moths, beetles and other fly species. Their decline, which is unequally documented according to species, leads in any case to a significant reduction in animal pollination, which is nevertheless essential for the diversity of plants and of food ending in our plates: 78% of European wild flora is dependent on animal pollination and 84% of crops benefit from it.


This is the chance to play your part! Answer the consultation to save the bees!


You'll find here a guide, prepared by bee expert NGOs to help answer the questionnaire





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