Say No to ACTA!

Greens/EFA MEPs demonstrate at the European Parliament

Greens/EFA MEPs demonstrated today against ACTA (The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) in Strasbourg as pressure builds on the European Parliament to take action.  The group has long campaigned on the agreement, alarmed at the lack of transparency surrounding negotiations and now hopes to convince other groups to take heed of the growing public concern surrounding its signing.

The EU and 22 of its member states have already signed the agreement, but crucially, ACTA must still come before the European Parliament. There are growing concerns about its compatibility not only with EU law, but also with Fundamental Rights.  Experts also note that ACTA could seriously restrict access to medicines in developing states where there is great dependency on cheaper generic drugs and which are not even party to negotiations.


The Greens/EFA group will do everything it can in the coming weeks to convince MEPs from other groups to reject ACTA. In light of the growing public pressure and anger at the agreement, a number of EU member states are now having second thoughts about proceeding with ratification of ACTA. We need your support to convince the other members of the European Parliament to reject this deal. It is time to increase the pressure inside and outside the Parliament. Tell your MEPs Say No to ACTA!