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Greens/EFA Community Guidelines

Welcome on our social media platforms. In order to give everybody a chance to participate in the conversation, we are setting four clear rules.

1. Feel free to comment, we love to hear from you. On our social media pages our comment sections are the place for an open and constructive debate. It is ok to disagree, but we want everybody to feel comfortable to join the conversation. 

2. We expect everybody to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Keep your remarks to the point and on topic. Comment on content, not on persons. We don’t appreciate spam, annoying use of punctuation marks or foul language.

3. Comments that do not respect our community guidelines will be deleted. We won’t hesitate to block users if they repeatedly ignore our community guidelines .

4. We will not allow racism or hate speech. We will not hesitate to report this to the platform and to competent authorities.


If you have any questions, want to flag inappropriate behaviour or think that you have been treated unfairly by our moderators, please contact us at act@greens-efa.eu.


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