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Greens/EFA future priorities regarding Cohesion Policy and Regional Development

A position paper

This paper has been conceived at the midterm of the current election cycle 2019 - 2024. It is an initiative to gain a clear perspective on the remaining 1.5 years of the mandate, to streamline the work of the Greens/EFA group in the Committee on Regional Development (REGI), agree on our shared vision on Green Regional Policy, and create a common understanding of the strategy moving forward.


Introductory Remarks

1. Making Cohesion Policy a long-term investment tool for just transition
1.1 Allocation of funds: Going beyond GDP as main indicator of economic development and territorial impact
1.2 Cohesion policy as a sustainable investment (not an emergency fund)
1.3 Green-golden investment rule for Cohesion Policy
1.4  Climate change adaptation
1.5 Incentivising more Cross-Border Cooperation
1.6 Gender dimension in Cohesion Policy

2. More powers for the European Parliament for Cohesion Policy
2.1 Strengthening the role of the European Parliament in the assessment of the Partnership Agreements
2.2 Adjusting MFF & funding period to Parliamentary election rhythm

3. Empowering local administrations
3.1 Strengthening the quantitative and qualitative capacity of local administrations

4. More territorial balance in Cohesion Policy, direct access funding for cities and stronger rural-urban interlinkages
4.1 Outermost regions
4.1.1 Islands
4.2 Territorial fragmentation
4.2.1 The new fractures of society
4.3 Rural-urban linkages



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