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Abortion rights: Women’s lives at stake warns Diana Riba

Following the Roe Vs Wade trial in the United States supreme court, where a first  draft opinion was published rejecting the 1973 decision which guaranteed federal constitutional protections of abortion rights, the European Parliament debated the global threat to abortion rights. 

EFA MEP and FEMM co coordinator Diana Riba took the floor to raise the dangers of reducing abortion rights or ilegalising it. World Health organisation considers comprehensive abortion care as one of the essentials health care services, and it estimates that between 4.3%-12.3% of maternal deaths can be atributed to unsafe abortions. 

Riba warned about the global attatck on abortion rights, highlightin that the US is far from being the only country facing threats and challenges when it comes to legislating abortions. 


Diana Riba i Giner, EFA MEP and FEMM Co-Coordinator said:

“If the Supreme Court overturns the 73 law that guarantees the right to abortion in the United States, we would be facing one of the most important setbacks in terms of our sexual and reproductive rights.”

“And that will have world wide effects because let's not forget that we are facing a global attack that has names and surnames.”

“ In America, Alliance Defending Freedom or Federalist Society. But they also have names here in Europe: Ordo Iuris, in Poland; Hazte Oir in Spain; or La Manif Pour Tous, in France.”

“Entities are ultra-funded by ultra-Catholic organisations and coordinated worldwide with the sole purpose of imposing their reactionary agenda by all means.” 

“Let us not allow it. Illegalising abortion does not end abortions.”

“ It only makes them more deadly.”

“What is at stake here is not the moral or religious values of a powerful few.”

“What is at stake here are our lives. And this is not to be pay with.”


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Diana Riba i Giner

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