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Airline emissions

Deal would let international aviation off the hook for vague hope of future global action

An agreement to revise how the aviation sector is included in the EU emissions trading scheme was reached in negotiations between the European Parliament and Council this evening. The Greens hit out at the agreement, which would exclude international aviation from the EU's emissions trading scheme for another 4 years. Commenting on the outcome, Green climate change spokesperson Satu Hassi (MEP, Finland) stated:

"This deal is a cop-out, which would let the international aviation sector off the hook for its growing climate change impact in exchange for the vague hope of future global action. Excluding international aviation from the emissions trading scheme for another 4 years will mean another 4 years of growth in airline emissions without check, undermining the emissions reductions from most other EU sectors. The Greens will urge MEPs from other groups to reject this agreement.

"The original legislation including aviation in the EU's emissions trading scheme covers one-third of global aviation emissions; it is reckless to dismantle this effective climate policy instrument in exchange for a vague promise on a global scheme in the distant future without guarantees of environmental integrity or ambition. The actions of Airbus and other European airlines to undermine EU climate policy have been shameless and discredit the sector as a constructive partner for the future.”

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