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Progress made against dumping from third countries

Anti-dumping regulation

Following lengthy trilogues on a new European policy on the dumping of exports from third countries such as China, a new approach has been agreed that is in line with WTO law, but also protects industries from unfair dumping practices.

Greens/EFA trade spokesperson, Yannick Jadot, comments:

"I welcome the outcome of the discussions and it is to the European Parliament’s credit that through cooperation with business associations and trade unions, we have got to this point. The European Union is taking a step in the right direction by starting to combat social dumping from third countries.

“It is a particular success for the Greens that the core standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the standards of multilateral environmental agreements will now become the criteria for measuring market distortions. If these standards are not respected then exporters are able to create unfair advantages, which must be limited.

"This will be made possible by the new procedure, which the Commission and the Council were prepared to put their weight behind. The new methodology is not protectionist and does not involve any discrimination against a third country.

“At the same time, it represents a break with the usual laissez-faire attitude, which neglects the risks of dumping on European industrial enterprises and industrial work places. Globalisation does not grant countries the freedom to undermine social and ecological standards for one-sided economic advantage."

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