Press release

Article 50 hearing before ECJ

Quote from Alyn Smith

Today, a group of Scottish politicians, including Greens/EFA (SNP) Member Alyn Smith, will bring a case to the European Court of Justice on the question as to whether or not Article 50 can be withdrawn once the process of a Member State leaving the EU has started. The hearing will be the first in front of the ECJ, following the cases referral from the Scottish Court of Session and the UK's Supreme Court. It is expected that the court will rule on the case before the end of the year.

Alyn Smith, Greens/EFA Member of the European Parliament and signatory to the case before the ECJ, comments:

"On the verge of the most important vote in the UK's recent history, many MPs are being pressured into believing that there is no alternative to no deal or May's deal. The ECJ can rule in two ways: either Article 50 is or is not open to revocation, but we need this clarity from the Court. The ruling will inform MPs and MEPs ahead of their crucial votes and cut through the spin.

"In all the twists and turns of the last two years, it is clear to anyone with eyes to see that there is no good Brexit. Our job is to ensure that any avenue to turn it around is properly explored. There is a way out of economic turbulence and reduced political influence that Brexit will bring, in the form of a people's vote."