Press release

Brexit deal reached

Quote from Philippe Lamberts MEP

On the news that a Brexit deal has been reached, Philippe Lamberts, President of the Greens/EFA group and member of the Brexit Steering Group in the European Parliament, comments:

"We have been here before. For the second time, the EU-27 have reached agreement with HM Government on the terms of the British withdrawal from the EU. In our view, a negotiated withdrawal is in any case better than a no-deal Brexit as it is  vital that peace in Northern Ireland is maintained and the integrity of the Single Market is upheld and this deal provides that. However, we remain convinced that the best deal for the British – and EU-27 – citizens if for the UK to remain in the EU.

"When it struck a deal with the EU-27, Theresa May's government at least enjoyed a nominal majority in the House of Commons, which is not the case of Boris Johnson's. It therefore remains to be seen whether, after having shown utter contempt for its own Parliament, Boris Johnson will find a way to bring his own minority together, win over 21 rebel MPs who he kicked out only weeks ago and convince opposition MPs in sufficient numbers. In our view, any deal should be put to the vote of the British people, who should have the final say as to whether they accept it and leave on a negotiated basis or ultimately choose to stay. Needless to say, in such a referendum, all British components of the Greens/EFA group will staunchly campaign for the latter option."


Philippe Lamberts will attend the European Council summit today from 15:30 Brussels time.