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Caterpillar and Alstom cases show urgent need for European reindustrialisation policy

MEPs have today voted in favour of a resolution on the need for a European reindustrialisation policy, in light of the recent Caterpillar and Alstom cases. The Greens/EFA group secured a range of amendments, which included the need for:

  •  more ambition on green targets and indicators;
  • greater demand-side stimulus;
  • the prevention of trade policies which foster anti-competitive practices;
  • an end to the ongoing ‘financialisation’ of the economy; and
  • ensuring that all workers are treated equally when restructuring does occur.

Commenting after the vote, MEP Bart Staes, who co-signed the resolution on behalf of the Greens/EFA group, said:

"The recent cases of Caterpillar and Alstom are a sad demonstration of the urgent need for the European Union to adopt a reindustrialisation policy. We need to prioritise building a green and sustainable economy that will provide quality jobs. This must include greater investment in energy efficiency and renewables and clear targets and indicators for industrial policy.

"At the same time, we need to make sure that we have stronger measures to stop mass redundancies by companies that prefer to engage in tax evasion and remunerate their shareholders, rather than invest in industrial tools and employees. If we are to maintain quality employment in the EU, our trade policy must be consistent with reindustrialisation objectives.

"Where restructuring does occur, younger and older workers are more often targeted for redundancy than other age groups and we must ensure that in the event of redundancies, employers respect anti-discrimination legislation. It is also important that all stakeholders, and especially workers, are able to participate fully throughout the process and that support is offered to help workers reintegrate into the workforce in the event of redundancy."


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