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EU should not consider China as market economy if criteria not met

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution setting out its position on the question of market economy status for China. After the vote, Green spokesperson on China Reinhard Bütikofer stated:

"All the evidence makes clear that China is not a market economy. The EU therefore has no reason to deal with China as a market economy as long as it does not meet all the required criteria. Instead, the EU should be using all tools at its disposal to address unfair competition and preserve European industry and jobs. There is an urgent need to considerably strengthen the EU's trade defense instruments, which have been revealed to be ineffective over the recent past for example with regard to the solar energy and steel sectors. The lack of sufficient anti-dumping measures, combined with the division of EU member states has destroyed jobs and businesses in Europe. It is also high time that the EU develop a meaningful trade diplomacy to accompany its trade policy."