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Climate change policy

Super greenhouse F-gases to be scaled down under new EU rules

The European Parliament today voted to confirm an agreement on new EU legislation aimed at curbing climate damaging F-gases (fluorinated greenhouse gases). After the vote, Green MEP Bas Eickhout, who is the European Parliament's draftsman/rapporteur for the legislation, stated:

"Scaling down these super greenhouse gases is a practical and significant measure as part of the EU's efforts to respond to climate change. At a time where EU climate change policy is sadly stuttering, this new F-gas legislation voted today is a beacon and will enable the EU to justifiably claim to be leading on this crucial issue for credible climate change action.

"Addressing the enormous damage of F-gases is crucial to the overall coherence of climate change policies. These super greenhouse gases have a potent warming effect (up to 23,000 times that of CO2), with many of the F-gases remaining in the atmosphere for up to thousands of years. The failure to tackle them until now has undercut progress in other areas, with F-gas emissions having risen 60% since 1990, in stark contrast to other areas.

"The EU phase-down of these gases in this legislation will ensure a reduction of almost 80% from the sector by 2030. It includes a ban on the use of F-gases in new commercial refrigeration from 2022, as well as other bans. These rules will stimulate innovation in the sector and be of immediate benefit to the numerous innovative European companies already leading in the cooling sector by stimulating demand for natural refrigerants."