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Climate targets need action

Quote from Ska Keller

On the European Council summit agreement for EU 2050 climate neutrality targets, Ska Keller, President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, comments:

"The European Council summit agreement for climate neutrality by 2050 is an important step forward. It's disappointing that Poland stands aside and we hope they will revise this decision soon. After all, 70 per cent of Poles support the target.

"Agreeing on a target is important but only half the battle. What counts now is how the EU and Member States will work to achieve the targets. The long term budget is a litmus test for how serious they are.

"Member states should not fall into the nuclear trap. Nuclear cannot be part of the solution. It's not sustainable, it's a high risk technology and would make states dependent on countries like Russia."


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Ska Keller
Ska Keller

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