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Cohesion policy and marginalised groups

Fight against anti-Gypsyism to be strengthened under EU Parliament vote

The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out its opinion on cohesion policy and marginalised groups. A majority of MEPs voted to ensure Roma do not face discrimination in the context of EU cohesion policy. After the vote, Greens MEP and EP draftsperson/rapporteur Terry Reintke said:

“The European Parliament has today sent a strong signal against anti-Gypsyism, with cross political support. This report contains specific recommendations for a better, more targeted and more sustainable approach to supporting marginalised groups in the EU.  

"European funds can be a powerful tool against poverty, unemployment and social exclusion, if used properly. The EU should stop prioritising often pointless infrastructure projects. Instead there is a need to ensure resources target areas where they are most needed, particularly in the context of the economic crisis. Well-managed cohesion funds, which take sustainability seriously, can help tackle exclusion and discrimination.

"In order for funds to go where they are most needed, the right to information and consultation of marginalised groups such as the Roma must be strengthened. They must be consulted on the design and implementation of all projects which have an impact on them. 

"Local authorities must not be left to face challenges on their own. The EU must also ensure that staff working in local administrations are provided with technical and financial support. Parliament has called on the European Commission to make legislative proposals to implement the recommendations in this report.”

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