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Counter-terrorism and security

Commission proposes more senseless surveillance and not enough coordination

The European Commission today presented its proposals for a European strategy for security and counter-terrorism. Commenting on the proposals, Green civil liberties and home affairs spokesperson Judith Sargentini said:

"The Commission's predictable focus on mass data collection is disappointing, all the more as meaningful proposals to improve cooperation between national authorities in fighting terrorism are lacking. Stepping up mass surveillance and creating a vast data dragnet will involve enormous financial cost and divert resources from where they could be more effective: old-fashioned police work following terrorist suspects. Collecting more random data will not help: the Paris and Copenhagen attackers were already known to the police.

"The Commission needs to do more to prevent the radicalisation of members of our own societies.  There is a need to promote wider social and education initiatives, addressing discrimination and exclusion and creating employment opportunities for people in communities at risk."