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Decision on Ukraine accession talks welcome

- Quote from Philippe Lamberts MEP- EUCO

Tonight, EU leaders have agreed to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova and reached an agreement on the revision of the EU’s seven year budget, the multiannual financial framework. 

Greens/EFA Group President Philippe Lamberts MEP, comments from the European Council Summit in Brussels: 

“We welcome the news that Ukraine and Moldova can start the accession process and take their rightful place as EU Members. EU leaders have avoided the worst possible outcome and managed to show support to Ukraine by opening accession talks. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has backed down from his threats of a veto over Ukraine. However, if this is the result of a ten billion euro bribe then this is an unacceptable way for the EU to do business. 

“The agreement on the multiannual financial framework is one third of what Commission President von der Leyen proposed and substantially lower than what is needed. By refusing to sign off on an adequate amount Member States are preventing the EU from carrying out its duties and failing to put their money where their mouth is.”



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