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Digital Single Market

Baby step forward as Commission misses point on geoblocking

Commenting on today's presentation of an 'anti-geoblocking package' as part of the European Commission's Digital Single Market initiative, Greens/EFA digital agenda spokesperson Julia Reda said:

"The proposed 'anti-geoblocking' regulation doesn't do what it says on the tin. When most Europeans hear the term 'geoblocking', they think of the all-too-common error message that 'this video is not available in your country' – and yet the measures presented today will not do anything to address this. An anti-geoblocking regulation that does not cover online video content misses the point.

"The proposed steps to counter price discrimination on ecommerce sites are welcome but overall today's proposals constitute another baby step towards a Digital Single Market, when what we need is a leap. The Commission is failing to respond to the broad public support for tackling digital borders in Europe.

"Digital barriers split up language communities along national borders and deprive cultural minorities, migrants, tourists and language learners of access to culture. On the flip side, geoblocking deprives artists and European start-ups of a large audience and customer base. The film industry needs to be supported in transitioning to a model that does not necessitate geoblocking, so that European films reach viewers across the EU."

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Felix Reda
Felix Reda

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