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EFA MEPs vote against STEP

EFA MEPs have voted against the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP). While acknowledging the significance of technological progress, EFA MEPs have voiced concerns regarding the financing of the platform and the potential ethical and environmental impact of specific initiatives.

From an EFA standpoint, this proposal reinforces the regions that already possess the industry, resulting in a loss of investments in regions where cohesion is most necessary. EFA does not object to the reindustrialization, but this strategy is neither environmentally sustainable nor conducive to cohesion.

François Alfonsi,Member of the REGI Comittee said:

"The EU's reindustrialisation platform, STEP, is to be financed by a huge 20% cut from the Structural Cohesion Funds, which help to reduce the disparities in development between Europe's different countries and regions. This envelope will be distributed to the major European industries, those already located in the highly developed areas of Europe.

“We are therefore going to leave the poorest Europe poorer in order to finance the competitiveness of the richest Europe.”

“This is the exact opposite of our vision of a united, supportive and successful Europe.”

“STEP must be supported, but the cohesion funds must be preserved to build the Europe of the Future."


Press release
Press release
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Press release
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François Alfonsi
François Alfonsi

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