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EFA statement on the attacks in Brazil

EFA Group in the European Parliament strongly condemns the recent assault on Brazilian democracy by Bolsonaro supporters.

On Sunday, the 8th of January, a group of far-right supporters stormed into government buildings in an attempted coup d’etat to remove the elected President, Lula Da Silva. 

We at EFA want to express our support for the democratic institutions in Brazil. The Brazilian people voted for Lula Da Silva to be their President, and democracy shall be respected. 

We send all our solidarity and support to Lula Da Silva and the Brazilian people. 


Jordi Solé, EFA Parliamentary Group President, said:

“What happened on Sunday is a blatant attack on democracy at the hands of extreme-right fanatics”.

“It is inevitable to draw a parallel between the attacks in Brazil and the violence experienced two years ago, in Washington, on the 6th of January when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. 

“These are consequences of the years of political and rhetorical attacks on democratic institutions by right-wing extremists supporters and their leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro. 

“We express our utmost support to Lula and the Brazilian institutions.”


Ana Miranda, EFA MEP, said:

“We convey our support to the President of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, to the Government of Brazil, to the Brazilian people and to the social movements after the coup committed by pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators threatening democracy and the government elected by the Brazilian people.”

“These violent and anti-democratic attacks undermine the legitimacy of Brazil's democratic will. We welcome the measures taken by the government to contain the riots and apprehend the criminals provoked by Bolsonaro's supporters.” 

“We are concerned that these reactionary forces of the Brazilian far-right that do not accept the election result and harass democratic institutions are coordinated worldwide with the aim of destabilising democracy, acting with impunity.”

“Our full solidarity with the Brazilian people and President Lula. Fascism won’t win”.

Responsible MEPs

Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda
Jordi Solé
Jordi Solé
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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