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EU Parliament backs clear tyre labelling for consumers

The European Parliament today adopted a legislative report on the labelling of tyres, which relates to fuel efficiency, safety and noise. Physical labelling attached to the tyres themselves will be optional under these rules.

Greens/EFA President and EP industry committee member Rebecca Harms commented:

"The new labelling scheme for tyres will give the consumers the opportunity to choose their new tyres on the basis of fuel efficiency, safety and noise.

The 2014 review of these rules will be an important opportunity to evaluate whether obligatory labelling on the tyres themselves would better guarantee the provision of adequate information to consumers.

Consumer information is vital but better regulation and standards are also needed if we are serious about reducing CO2 emissions from our roads. To achieve this, we need to revise the weak EU standards on new car emissions and the European Parliament must improve the rules on van and minibus emissions that have been proposed by the European Commission."


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