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Employment and migrants rights

Seasonal workers to get strengthened rights under EU rules

The European Parliament today voted on EU legislation on seasonal workers. The Greens welcomed the outcome, which sets out new EU provisions on the rights of seasonal workers from non-EU countries. Commenting after the vote, Green migration and employment policy spokesperson Jean Lambert said:

"The new rules voted today by MEPs would mark an important step towards addressing the vulnerable and uncertain situation faced by seasonal workers in the EU. While the Greens would favour more ambitious provisions, this vote will help provide for regular, legal entry for seasonal workers from non-EU countries.

"The legislation, as adopted today, sets out the scope and the criteria for entry and stay, refusal, renewal and withdrawal of permits and workers' rights among other things. Importantly, MEPs have voted to establish the right of equal treatment, albeit with some exemptions, as well as sanctions against employers. This is crucial to deter unscrupulous employers who try to exploit the precarious situation in which seasonal workers often find themselves. They also supported the right to adequate accommodation. We hope this will now be implemented without delay."


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Jean Lambert
Jean Lambert

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