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Energy ministers give guidance on governance but ignore elephant in the room

EU energy ministers today agreed on measures regarding the governance of the EU's Energy Union at their Council meeting. Commenting on the Council conclusions, Green energy spokesperson Claude Turmes said:

"EU energy ministers have today given some clear guidance as regards the crucial issue of governance over the Energy Union, where the Commission is preparing a legislative proposal. We need an ambitious and transparent system, which fully involves parliament in the decision-making to ensure democratic oversight. However, governments are ignoring the elephant in the room: namely what will occur if there is a gap between combined national commitments and the overall EU target.

"It is of utmost importance that the upcoming legislative proposal on governance includes a template for national energy and climate plans. The European Parliament and Commission must work together to ensure a strong legislative framework on renewable energy and efficiency, with ambitious and binding targets. This is the only way to ensure the necessary convergence of national policies. However, there is a need for clarity on what will be done if the sum of national commitments falls short of the EU's 2030 target for at least a 27% share of renewable energy. We should design a workable 'gap filler', building on the cooperation mechanisms foreseen by the existing EU renewable energy directive."


Press release

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Greens/EFA debriefing of the plenary session


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Greens/EFA debriefing of the plenary session

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Claude Turmes

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