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EU energy labelling rules

Clearer energy label delayed for key products after EP vote

The European Parliament today voted on a proposal to revise EU rules on energy labelling. Commenting after the vote, Green energy spokesperson Michèle Rivasi said:

“This vote is definitely an opportunity lost for European consumers. MEPs have voted to delay the long overdue introduction of clear and simple energy labels for key products. It has long been obvious that we need to shift to a simple, colour-coded A-G system, instead of the current confusing system (with A+ - A+++ etc.). Unfortunately, MEPs have voted to delay this reform and allow unscrupulous manufacturers to continue pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes by marketing inefficient appliances as having a positive energy performance.”

* According to the draft report voted today, the review of the energy labels will happen between 2019 and 2023. While some of the most common labelled products, i.e. dishwashers, household fridges, household washing machines, TVs and lights/lamps, would revert to a simplified A-G scale in 2019, consumers will have to wait to see the same labels displayed on other products, like water heaters and boilers.

Given previous experiences in developing and rolling out labels, if this process is only started in 2023, it could be 2030 before the new label is on retail shelves. This means there will be a coexistence of A-G labels and A+, A++ and A+++, confusing consumers for at least 10 years from now.

Parliament will now enter into negotiations with EU governments in Council to finalise the rules.