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EU external energy strategy

Proposals fail to address damaging dependence on fossil fuel imports

The European Commission today presented a communication on security of energy supply and international cooperation. While the EU needs a more coordinated approach to its energy policy, the Greens believe the Commission's proposals are undermined by the failure to outline a strategy to reduce the EU's dependence on fossil fuel imports. Commenting on the communication, Green energy spokesperson Claude Turmes MEP said:

"Instead of seeking to cure Europe's damaging addiction to fossil fuel imports, the Commission is persisting with a strategy aimed at feeding our habit. Today's communication is preoccupied by an antiquated approach looking to ensure fossil fuel deliveries to the EU through so-called partnerships with transit and supplier countries, with no attention given to forming strategic alliances with those countries looking to push forward with green energy technologies.

"The proposals are also undermined by an unrealistic analysis of the future export capacities of certain countries. With steeply rising energy demands in key supplier countries, ambitious energy efficiency measures in Russia or in the MEDA region must be a precondition for any substantial export quantities left for oil, gas or in future renewable electricity production.

"A forward-looking external energy strategy would look to build alliances with other energy importers like China and Japan to promote the uptake of green energy technologies at global level. Green technologies, institutional capacity building at national - but equally important at local level - and the financing of innovative projects, that is where EU can make a difference."


Press release

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Claude Turmes

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