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EU funds for peace and stability

Greater focus on conflict prevention and peace for new programme

The European Parliament today voted on a series of funds for the EU's external action policies over the coming 7 years (2014-20), including the Instrument for Stability and Peace (ISP), which is being shepherded through parliament by Green rapporteur/draftsman Reinhard Bütikofer. Commenting after the vote, Reinhard Bütikofer said:

"The new Instrument for Stability and Peace equips the EU to play a significantly stronger peace-making role in current and future conflicts and crises. Crucially, the European Parliament succeeded in doubling the funding available for conflict prevention to €200 million in spite of the opposition of EU governments. The EU needs sufficient resources for mediation, dialogue and reconciliation, all the more so in the context of the challenges in its eastern and southern neighbourhood.

"The European Parliament also succeeded in rectifying some past errors by ensuring future action in the field of anti-terrorism and cyber security is consistent with human rights and international humanitarian law. The new Instrument for Stability and Peace will be more political and do more to promote peace-building activities than its predecessor. The European Parliament will have to ensure that the €2.3 billion in funds under the instrument truly serves to strengthen the EU as a civilian power."