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EU must support victims of Moria fire


Following the deadly fire last night that destroyed the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos, Greece, the Greens/EFA group are calling for EU assistance for those in need, the relocation of refugees and an urgent plenary debate in the European Parliament. Over 13,000 people were based in the camp there, more than four times the total capacity of the camp.


Tineke Strik MEP, Greens/EFA Coordinator in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee, comments:

"The devastating fire at the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos last night is a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided. Overcrowded and unsafe camps are the shameful legacy of Europe's failure to act and has deadly consequences. The EU must provide assistance and shelter to all those affected by the fire who now have nowhere to sleep tonight.

"There are hundreds of cities and municipalities that have offered to take in refugees and they should be able to provide this support. The European Commission and Member States must urgently revise the Dublin system to ensure that people in need can apply for asylum in countries other than those on the EU's borders. Member States who refuse to accept any relocation of refugees and pander to racist sentiments ignore the concepts of humanity and solidarity on which the EU is built.

"European politicians cannot turn a blind eye to the situation in Greece, Italy and other countries hosting large numbers of people simply because they fear a far-right backlash. Essential medical assistance and care must be provided to survivors of the fire and anyone infected with the Coronavirus. The EU has a responsibility to act and to leave no one behind."


More: Today at 18:00, MEPs from different political groups will gather in front of the European Parliament to call on Member States and the EU to act immediately and solve the emergency situation in Moria.



State of emergency at the French-Italian border


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Greens/EFA debriefing of the plenary session

Press release

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Asylum border procedures


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Flash - Plenary session 8-12 February 2021

Responsible MEPs

Tineke Strik
Tineke Strik

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