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EU summit

EU Commission needs more women and strong Europeans

Ahead of Saturday’s EU summit which will decide on the attribution of the two top EU posts, Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts, Greens/EFA Co-Presidents in the European Parliament, called for the respect of certain key points in the decision-making process. These include for there to be a balance not only in terms of gender but also in terms of personalities from all EU Member States. On this last point, the Greens/EFA co-presidents call for a geographically more balanced and representative repartition of the posts than is currently the case.

"The EU needs strong leadership from experienced individuals who are better up to the task of keeping the EU unified and on track in these difficult times than is the case with Barroso, Ashton and van Rompuy. The growing splits between the EU’s southern, northern, eastern and western Member States cannot be allowed to widen any further. The eastern Member States should therefore not be overlooked in the assignment of the top EU posts.

It is highly regrettable that EU governments have so far failed to propose to Jean-Claude Juncker, the future President of the European Commission, an adequate number of women for the EU Commission. The Greens/EFA Group will reject a Commission with fewer women than in the current Commission (1).

So far, only four Member States have proposed women candidates. Even Juncker's promise to give women more powerful portfolios cannot compensate for a blatant gender imbalance. If necessary, the Heads of State and Government should postpone their decision once again in order to find suitable candidates. However, the nominations process cannot be allowed to fall behind schedule. The EU cannot afford to be without strong leadership for long.

Following on from the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Minsk, the EU leaders will also have to discuss the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Putin’s smoke and mirrors tactics cannot be allowed to continue. Putin talks about peace whilst contributing to escalation between the two sides."

1) There are 9 female commissioners in the outgoing European Commission.



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