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EU summit

Climate change: more stagnation and procrastination

EU leaders at a Brussels summit are again failing to make substantial steps forward in the lead-up to international climate change talks in Copenhagen at the end of the year. Greens/EFA Vice-President Rebecca Harms commented:

"Another EU summit with climate on the agenda, another outcome of stagnation and procrastination from EU heads of state and government. Their continued claims to be climate leaders are now bordering on the delusional in light of their ongoing failure to take the necessary action.

Instead of seizing the initiative, EU leaders consistently pass the buck to the next meeting. It is well established that industrialised nations need to reduce emissions by 25-40% compared to 1990 levels. Negotiations in Bonn resulted in commitments around 8-14%, well short of what is needed. This downward spiral of ambition must be reversed.

It is broadly accepted that there will be no meaningful international agreement on climate change if industrialised nations fail to make clear financial commitments towards mitigation and adaptation measures in developing countries. EU leaders again had the opportunity to put a figure on that commitment, again they pushed the decision aside for a later date."


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Press release
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