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Europe must protect women and children from male violence

Press release from EFA MEP Diana Riba

EFA MEP and member of the European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Diana Riba, has welcomed a vote in the Parliament backing calls for greater action to tackle intimate partner violence. The report was adopted today with 510 votes in favour, 31 against and 141 abstentions.

MEPs noted that legal protection varies from country to country, and often there is insufficient legal protection for women and children affected by intimate partner violence. In particular, MEPs want to ensure that cases of intimate partner violence are taken into account when custody and visitation rights of children are determined.

Speaking in the earlier debate this week, EFA MEP Diana Riba said:

“I am proud to see how this Parliament, little by little, but without pause, is tackling with ever more depth, the causes and consequences of the scourge that is gender-based violence. A violence that, as we have clearly said in the report, not only affects women, but also has a profound impact on the lives of children, sometimes even taking lives away.

“For this reason, the text is clear: it is important that the legislation considers as victims of gender violence the boys and girls who have witnessed violence within the couple or who have suffered vicarious violence.

“We need the European Union and its Member States to legislate in this regard and guarantee the rights and best interests of boys and girls, so that they are protected in all situations and in all places. Unfortunately, this is not always the case now and there is a great disparity in policy and legislation in the Union.

“Last but not least, the report makes it clear that cases of intimate partner violence must be taken into account when determining custody rights and visitation. And this is crucial - let's be clear - because an abuser will never be a good parent.”



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