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European Commission failed to complete investigation before end of mandate

Babis case

In yesterday night's hearing of the Budget Control Committee of the European Parliament with EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger the case of a possible conflict of interest of the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis was raised again. Oettinger admitted that the Commission had been notified already last summer but got only active in the beginning of this year.

Please find below a quote of Bart Staes, Member of Budget Control Committee for the Greens/EFA group:

“The European Commission has failed to complete the investigation on time. They should have reacted much earlier to the alerts of a possible conflict of interest which would have permitted to conclude the investigations before the European elections. They should not hide behind official deadlines or processes but provide results as soon as possible. It would be shameful that the Czech citizens will go to vote in the European elections without a final result of the inquiry."

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