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Following last night's video conference meeting of EU leaders, President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, Ska Keller MEP, comments:

"Despite being in the midst of an unprecedented public health emergency, it's shameful that European governments were unable to agree on even basic fiscal measures to help those in need and to alleviate the economic fallout from this crisis.

"Another two weeks for the Eurogroup to come up with a response to this crisis is too long. We need an agreement as soon as possible from EU governments that includes a concrete set of measures; such as opening up the resources of the ESM to the countries that need it.

"Now, the Commission needs to continue in its active response to this crisis and come up with a viable exit strategy and recovery plan that will support frontline workers, mitigate the strain on our healthcare systems and soften the economic blow in the medium to long term."




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#EUCO 24/25 May - Climate, Covid-19

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Ska Keller

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