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European Parliament recognizes the challenges faced by EU cross-border regions

The Parliament has adopted a report tackling EU citizenship and addressed unique challenges faced by minorities and individuals living in EU cross-border regions when exercising their EU citizenship rights, such as freedom of movement. The report emphasises the critical role of maintaining cross-border cooperation, especially during border closures resulting from EU-wide or regional crises affecting freedom of movement within the European Union.

The focus on cross-border regions, where communities often share common languages and historical ties, is paramount. The European Parliament underscores the importance of the EU’s role in guaranteeing freedom of movement for citizens in these regions, fostering unity and preserving historical and cultural connections.


François Alfonsi, EFA MEP said:

"All too often, states feel justified in erecting barriers that separate populations that have historically been very close. It is then up to the EU to guarantee freedom of movement for its citizens when it is hindered in this way.”

“By guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of European citizens, and by bringing the European Union closer to its historical territories, the Parliament puts forward several proposals that will have the effect of increasing the support of all citizens and all peoples, including stateless nations, for the construction of Europe.”

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François Alfonsi
François Alfonsi

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