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European Parliament to debate situation in Hungary on Greens/EFA request


Following the mass protests in Hungary around the so-called "slave law" and opposition to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's autocratic rule, the European Parliament on the request of the Greens/EFA group, has tabled a plenary debate on the situation in Hungary for the end of January in Brussels (30th or 31st).

Judith Sargentini, Greens/EFA MEP and author of the rule of law in Hungary report comments:

"All European citizens including Hungarians are all equal and have an equal right to democracy and the rule of law. That is the promise of Europe, and that is why the EU must stand up for the rights of Hungarians and show solidarity with those bravely marching the streets of Budapest in spite of police brutality and constant attacks from the Orbán controlled media.

"We have called this debate because the situation in Hungary is getting worse by the day. Instead of heeding the call of the European Parliament to act against the Hungarian government's blatant violations of the EU treaties and European values, European Member States are  sitting idly by and emboldening Orbán. Democracy is on its deathbed in Hungary and we must do all we can to help bring it back to life and support the Hungarian people against the whims of their autocratic leader."

Sargentini report on the rule of law in Hungary.

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