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European Parliament votes against GMOs while Commission presses ahead with Big Agri mergers


The European Parliament has today voted against the import of a range of genetically modified maize varieties for use in feed and food. The Standing Committee on "Plants, Animals, Food and Feed" was unable to reach a decision in January, as did the appeal committee on 27 March. With a clear lack of support (15 Member States and the European Parliament opposed), the European Commission should now withdraw its proposal, says Green food safety spokesperson Bart Staes:

"There is a clear and consistent opposition in the European Parliament against new GM authorisations. MEPs have rejected the European Commission's latest proposal, which would allow imports of up to 20 different varieties, most of which have not even been tested for safety. With member states also unwilling to give these GMOs the green light, the Commission must now accept it does not have political support and withdraw its proposals."

The vote comes on the same day that the European Commission has approved the acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina. Commenting on this decision, Bart Staes adds:

"These mergers are bad news for farmers, the environment and food security, in a sector which is already extremely concentrated. The Commission surely now has no other choice than to refuse the merger between Bayer and Monsanto to avoid further concentration."

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