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European Parliamnet calls for an end to endocrine disrupters

Quote from Bas Eickhout MEP

Members of the European Parliament have just called for an end to substances that can have an impact on the hormonal system, such as bisphenol A, in food packaging, cosmetics and toys. The European Commission must act now in order to minimise exposure to endocrine disruptors and must close the loophole for cosmetics, toys and food packaging by June 2020, requests the vast majority of MEPs in a resolution adopted today and follows a call from the Greens/EFA group.

In November 2018, the European Commission published the communication "Towards a comprehensive European Union framework for endocrine disrupters" and announced that it would minimise exposure to endocrine disruptors, but without presenting a concrete action plan. In the food industry endocrine disrupters are applied for internal coatings of cans and lid gaskets as well as for plastic packaging.

Bas Eickhout, climate spokesman for the Greens/EFA group and shadow rapporteur on the file, comments:

"Endocrine disrupters are a massive health risk. The European Commission must explain how it intends to defuse this ticking time bomb and to prevent the effects of a cocktail of toxic chemicals. The European Parliament is calling for a ban on endocrine disruptors in cosmetics, toys and food packaging.

"The profits of the chemical industry must not be the decisive factor for the European Commission, people's health must be the focus of attention." 


The chemicals can massively damage the hormone balance, cause infertility, diabetes and hormone-related cancers and lead to learning and behavioural disorders in children. In the case of hormone-altering substances, it is not the dose that is decisive, but the time of contact. Foetuses, babies, toddlers and teenagers are particularly at risk.






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