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FIFA corruption case

EU Parliament calls for rethink on Qatar and Russia World Cups

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the ongoing corruption scandal at the international football authority FIFA. Commenting after the vote, Green MEP Helga Truepel said:

"For years, FIFA has acted as a law unto itself and operated beyond the bounds of legal orthodoxy. The belated international recognition of this and the long overdue resignation of Sepp Blatter must now be used as an opportunity to thoroughly reform FIFA. The European Parliament has today called for the EU institutions and EU national authorities to play an active role in this process."

Green human rights spokesperson Barbara Lochbihler continued:

"The FIFA corruption scandal has once again shone the spotlight on the dubious decisions to award World Cups to Qatar and Russia and MEPs have today called for these decisions to be urgently revisited. In the case of Qatar, the scandalous human cost of the World Cup is a shame not just on the country but on all those associated with the competition. Basic rights concerns must be tantamount and we must not be afraid to call a halt to the project. MEPs have also called for fulfilment of human rights and labour rights by a country to be a fundamental precondition for the award of any tournament."

Helga Truepel concluded:

"Today's resolution also highlights the need for a code of conduct against corruption to be urgently adopted. In the context of the reform of FIFA, there is also a need to finally redress the balance in the misogynistic organisation. Ensuring more women on the boards of sports organisations is not just a question of gender equality, it also reflects the reality of these sports, which are played by men and women. There is also a need to establish clear rules against money laundering in all sports organisations."