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GMOs fail to secure support of Member States

GMO maize appeal vote

An appeal committee of national experts has today voted on the European Commission’s proposals to authorize the cultivation of three genetically modified maize varieties and the import of a range of genetically modified maize varieties for use in feed and food. They have failed to reach a qualified majority in favour or against, so the decision will return to the Commission. The European Parliament's Environment Committee voted against their approval last week.

Commenting on the vote, Green food safety spokesperson Bart Staes said:

"With the European Parliament opposed, experts from Member States unable to reach consensus, and many EU countries having already banned cultivation on their own soil, the European Commission cannot give these GMOs the green light for cultivation.

"Many of the varieties proposed for import have not yet been tested by the European Food Safety Authority, leaving the evidence murky at best. The Commission should withdraw its proposals, and focus its energy on developing a safer and more sustainable agriculture that would better meet the needs of Europe's farmers and consumers."


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