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Green wave reaches the European Parliament

European Elections

According to preliminary election results, the Greens/EFA group will significantly increase in size and are on course to hold more seats than ever before in the European Parliament.

Ska Keller, President of the Greens/EFA group and leading candidate for the European Green Party, comments:

"The Green Wave has swept across Europe. We want to thank everyone who has voted for change and climate action. Green parties have exceeded expectations in countries such as Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and Austria and will play an ever more important role in shaping the political debate across Europe over the coming years. This trust given to us by voters is both a task and a responsibility to put green polices into action."

Bas Eickhout, Vice President of the Greens/EFA group and leading candidate for the European Green Party, comments:

"Tonight's Green Wave gives us the mandate and duty to drive change in Europe. Any new Commission should take this into account, as our program of  climate protection, social justice and defence of rule of law and democracy gave the Greens this important win.

"It's time the European Union puts all its efforts into a sustainable future and starts caring for its citizens, this must be at the heart of the program of the next Commission President. The Greens/EFA group is the only credible political force when it comes to climate action and we will bring this voice to the negotiation table. 

Philippe Lamberts, President of the Greens/EFA group, comments:

"In the coming days, we will get in touch with those newly elected progressive MEPs and movements that are not yet affiliated to any group in the European Parliament to build on our election success to discuss future cooperation. We will stand as a loud and clear antidote against all nationalistic and far right forces in the Parliament and invite other progressive forces to stand side-by-side against those who seek to sow fear and division. The defence of the rule of law remains at the centre of our attention. There can be no space for corruption, conflicts of interest or the limitation of press freedom in the EU."



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