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Greens/EFA call for an end to Russian aggression against Ukraine

Russia/ Ukraine

Today, the European Parliament debated the European Union's relations with Russia and the Russian threat to Ukraine's statehood manifested through unseen military mobilisation on the Russian-Ukrainian and Belarus-Ukrainian border. In relation to this debate, the leaders of the main political groups in the European Parliament issued a joint statement which expresses full solidarity to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, calls for immediate de-escalation, an end to Russian aggression, withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border, and targeted sanctions against Russia in the event of a military intervention. The European Parliament also voted in favor of 1.2 billion EUR in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. Furthermore, it calls for a halt to the Nord Stream 2 gas project to prevent further EU dependence on Russian energy.

Sergey Lagodinsky MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur on Russia and Substitute Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, comments:

 “We urge for an end to Russian warmongering and propaganda against Ukraine. Despite the Kremlin hinting at a partial withdrawal of troops, we need to see substantive and verifiable de-escalation from Moscow. Until that happens, the EU and our allies must continue preparing tough sanctions in the event of Russian aggression. Severe measures against Russian banks and the Russian president’s entourage, including the freezing of private assets abroad, and entry and residence bans, must be considered. Carrying out diplomacy with a firm hand remains the best way to prevent tensions from turning into military confrontations.

Nord Stream 2 provides the Russian president with geopolitical leverage and needs to be stopped. This is and has been the position of the European Parliament, regardless of if this conflict escalates any further or not. In the long term, we need an inventory of all strategic dependencies between the EU and Russia in order to reduce them. This applies above all, but not only, to the energy sector.”

Viola von Cramon MEP, Vice-Chair of the EP Delegation to the Ukrainian Parliament and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, comments:

"Russian posturing has brought our continent to the brink of war. Ukrainian citizens are stronger than ever, and as we support them in standing up for their country, they will become even stronger. Ukraine will prevail in this conflict because they have reliable allies and have the truth on their side.

“War is not only unjust and senseless, as it is without winners, and brings destruction and suffering to both sides. If President Putin starts a war, Russian citizens will have to suffer the consequences. It must be clear to the Russian President that a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty will have a high price for Russia. Ukraine now more than ever needs united, unwavering support from the democratic world that goes beyond symbolic solidarity. We need to help Ukraine to build up its capabilities to resist Russian aggression and become the democratic and economic success that its people deserve. "





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Press release

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Sergey Lagodinsky
Sergey Lagodinsky
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel

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