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Greens/EFA call for EU energy efficiency and renewable energy strategy

Ville Niinistö MEP, Greens/EFA member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and member of the Environment Committee, comments:
"Energy policy must become part of a comprehensive concept of security. Energy independence will deflate energy imports as a strategic lever. The REPower EU plan expected in May needs to be an investment and action plan for renewables and energy efficiency, to cut our dependence on fossil fuels.. The benefits of focusing on energy efficiency measures and expansion of renewables are clear both in terms of energy independence, security and climate.
“A tax on extra profits of  multinational fossil fuel companies can prevent multinationals from profiting from Putin's war in Ukraine and raking in billions at the expense of those who are hit hardest by high energy prices. This money should be used to support vulnerable households."

Bas Eickhout MEP, Vice-chair of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety committee, comments:
"It’s time to take the leverage of our energy supplies out of the hands of the Russian President. Dependence on fossil imports makes us vulnerable and open to blackmail. The Commission's proposals for mandatory filling of gas storage facilities can only be a short-term, interim solution. We call on the Commission to present an emergency plan for the energy transition. Energy efficiency must come first. For every added percent of energy efficiency we can cut Russian gas imports by 4% percent. For this, the Commission must speed up its approval procedures for subsidies for energy efficiency measures and the expansion of renewable energies.”
Watch the plenary debate "The EU's energy - Common European action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy" live tomorrow (Thursday 24 March) from 9am, with speeches by Ville Niinistö.


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