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Greens/EFA Group calls on EPP to stop blocking key law to support nature

Nature Restoration Law

Tomorrow morning, the Environment Committee (ENVI) is expected to vote on the European Parliament negotiation mandate for the Nature Restoration Law. The Greens/EFA Group calls on ENVI MEPs, including all those in EPP and RE, to vote in favour of the compromise reached and to vote against the rejection amendment.

Bas Eickhout MEP, Greens/EFA Vice Chair of the Environment Committee, comments:

"Tomorrow's vote will be close to the wire. The EPP is fighting to bring down this law as part of their misguided and shortsighted crusade against the Green Deal. But while the EPP is playing dirty politics, the progressive forces in the Parliament all agree we need to be serious about supporting nature and undoing the damage done to our environment over the last decades.

“This law is crucial to improve nature in Europe over the coming years, which is in a critical condition. Businesses, citizens and scientists all insist this is necessary.

“The EPP and their far-right friends have been waging a campaign of scaremongering and lies. The Nature Restoration Law is essential if we want to have food to eat and a planet that is livable. We call on all groups to support the compromise already reached and to vote against the rejection amendment.”


Representatives of leading companies, including Nestlé and Coca-Cola, demand in an open letter that the renaturation law be passed as soon as possible.

More than 3000 scientists demand an ambitious renaturation law in an open letter.

The United Nations Scientific Advisory Board also calls for rapid adoption.


Press release
Photo by Daniel Moqvist on Unsplash
Smokestacks in Hinsebergsvägen, Frövi, Sweden
European Parliament Building Strasbourg © European Union 2017 - Source : EP
European Parliament Building Strasbourg © European Union 2017 - Source : EP
Press release
Press release
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Responsible MEPs

Bas Eickhout
Bas Eickhout

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