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Greens/EFA Group welcome new defence plan

The Commission has just released its plan to close the defence investment gaps, in light of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Alviina ALAMETSÄ MEP, member of Subcommittee on Security and Defence, comments:

"The Greens-EFA Group welcomes the Commission's proposal, which is in line with the streamlining and harmonisation of European military spending that we have long called for.

“With this initiative, the Commission is launching a new process to develop common military capabilities instead of simply subsidising national defence industries. The proposal to establish a robust framework for joint procurement, maintenance and supply is a clear step forward.

"We call on the Commission and the EU High Representative to further increase the level of ambition. Combined, the EU has the second largest military budget in the whole world. As the European national defence budgets are increasing, it would be advisable to search for synergies wherever possible. We should aim for maximum effectiveness, and strive for joint military R&D and procurement and a common supply security system by transferring parts of national defence budgets to the European level. The European Peace Facility could be used as a model.

"The proposal remains strikingly silent on the issue of arms exports. Increased cooperation in financing and procurement of arms needs to go hand in hand with equally ambitious proposals for a joint and consistent implementation of the existing criteria on arms exports.

"Finally, we call on the Commission to put in place the appropriate legal instruments to ensure technical interoperability and security of supply. A strong and common military capability policy requires solid legal foundations and must respect the rules laid down in the Treaties on the limits of using the EU budget for defence-related expenditure."


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Alviina Alametsä
Alviina Alametsä

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