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EU - US trade talks

Quote by Yannick Jadot

Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote on opening-up trade negotiations with the US, as proposed by the European Commission. The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament will vote against commencing talks so long as the US intends to remain outside the Paris Accord. The Council has agreed it will wait to make a decision on starting talks until after the European Parliament had provided its opinion. The European Parliament will vote on its non-binding opinion tomorrow between 12:00 and 14:00.

Yannick Jadot, Greens/EFA spokesperson on trade comments:

"President Trump not only wants to trash the climate, but he's threatening trade wars and trying to undermine international cooperation. Instead of standing-up to these ludicrous and bullying tactics, the Commission and the right-wing of the European Parliament seem willing to push on with US trade talks regardless. TTIP failed because the public did not want it and by trying to restart this process the Commission is ignoring all the protests, campaigns and public discontent seen in recent years."

"Trade must work for people and the planet and sustainability has to be at the core of any agreements. That's why we cannot have trade partnerships with country that has announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, and so long as the US flagrantly disregards the need to protect the planet then we must not proceed with any trade talks."