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European Parliament votes to make the MFF work for the climate

EU budget

Today a large majority of MEPs voted to make the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027 work for the climate.

Rasmus Andresen, shadow rapporteur for the Greens/EFA group on the EU's 2020 budget, comments:

"The European Parliament wants to turn the EU budget into the driving force behind climate protection. It is a huge step that MEPs from all political groups support the demand for ecological change. The Common European Agricultural Policy needs a radical change towards promoting sustainable agriculture.

"We need to change the fact that most of the EU budget is still spent on climate-wrecking agricultural subsidies. Instead of mass production, it's time for better animal welfare and greater environmental protection. We need to invest more in renewable energies, local public transport and European rail links. The European Parliament is ready to invest in our future. Now is the time for the Council to deliver."


EU leaders will discuss the Multiannual Financial Framework at the Summit on 17 and 18 October and are expected to present their position afterwards. MEPs go further than the resolution adopted in November 2018 and call for significantly more than 25% of the multiannual financial framework to be invested in climate protection in order to comply with the Paris Agreement. The Multiannual Financial Framework is to become the Green New Deal budget. The Greens/EFA want to invest 50% in climate protection and social justice. 

MEPs want the budget to be increased to 1.3% of gross national income (GNI) of the EU-27. The EU Commission proposes a contribution of 1.11% of GNI.

MEPs also call for a reform of own resources. Uniform taxation of multinational companies and financial transactions as well as taxes on plastics, emissions trading and digital companies should put the budget on a firm footing.


Press release

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Rasmus Andresen

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