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New Yellow-Black coalition will bring serious harm to Italy and EU

Italian Election

Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts and European Green Party co-chair Monica Frassoni comment on the proposed new Italian coalition government.
"We have serious concerns with the new Italian government. The policies it advocates have the potential of bringing serious harm to the European Union as a whole. Being against the status quo cannot justify Five Star entering into such an alliance.
"It is striking that one of the coalition partners is the only political force in Italy that denies the reality of climate change. Geopolitically, the new government adopts a stance that would make Europe subservient to Russian bullying. On migration, while Italy has been let down by its fellow European Member States, the answer lies in the replacement of the Dublin system, as already proposed by the European Parliament. But both coalition partners have opposed this ambitious reform.
"There are major design flaws in the Euro which we need to reform. But rather than taking action to make sure it is resilient and serves the Eurozone economy as a whole, the Italian coalition partners seem ready to break the Euro.
"We will spare no effort in working with Italian partners in order to bring about a credible and desirable electoral alternative in the upcoming European elections."
Italian Greens/EFA MEP Marco Affronte adds:
"This is being called a 'green and yellow' coalition, but it would be better called ‘yellow and black’. The recently published governmental 'contract' lacks pragmatism and obligations, in typical 5 Star Movement style. The situation looks set to develop in one of two directions: it will either result in a two-sided government that tries to accommodate its components by taking contradictory measures, or it will result in paralysis.
"We need alternatives to this desolate political situation. That’s why, on the 27th of May, we will launch a process of confrontation, through dialogue and discussion, to finally see themes such as the environment, a different economic system, equality and respect, seriously included in our political discourse again."



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Plenary flash 26 - 29 April 2021

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Marco Affronte
Marco Affronte
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Philippe Lamberts

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