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No deal by March 2019 would be the worst deal for everyone


Comments from Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts, following the debate in the European Parliament on Brexit this morning:

"While we accept the result of the referendum, this decision will produce no winners : the interests of both the UK’s and the EU-27’s citizens will be damaged by the separation. If we want to limit the inevitable damage that will be caused by this lose-lose situation, we should waste no more time and negotiate in good faith first the withdrawal agreement, then the outline of our future relationship and the transition that will bridge to it. No deal by March 2019 would be the worst deal – for everyone and first, for our respective citizens.

"A majority of the British people instructed Her Majesty’s Government to negotiate Brexit. Let us respect that democratic choice and do just that without further delay. But if we want to be fair to them, let them, or at the very least their elected representatives have the last say. When confronted with the result of the negotiation, who knows what they might ultimately choose?"

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