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Philippe Lamberts looks ahead to this week's European Council

Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts looks ahead to this week's European Council:

"This Council meeting is notable for what is missing from the agenda. With no real progress expected on the Eurozone or social Europe, this looks set to be another missed opportunity.

"It is welcome that Theresa May concedes the need for a back-stop measure to prevent an Irish border. However, if she won't accept the proposals on the table, it is incumbent upon her to come up with an alternative. We are all ears if she has other ideas, but none have been forthcoming.

"The EU has a chance to show global leadership on tackling the thorny issue of how to tax the digital economy. Until now, the Council has been an obstacle to progress on tax justice, obstinately blocking much needed reforms. If they continue to stall this week they will have a hard time explaining to the people at home why they are against the likes of Facebook and Google paying their fair share of tax."



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Philippe Lamberts
Philippe Lamberts

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