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Poland: De facto abortion ban

Quote from Dr Sylwia Spurek MEP

Today (9 February), Members of the European Parliament are currently debating the de facto ban on abortion in Poland, as called for by the Greens/EFA group. In October, the Polish "Constitutional Tribunal" ruled that abortions in the case of foetal abnormalities will be banned, limiting the already incredibly restrictive abortion laws. The Greens/EFA group supports the Women's Strike protests and call on the Commission and Council to act in defence of the rule of law in Poland.

Dr Sylwia Spurek MEP, Greens/EFA Vice Chair of the Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) Committee, comments:
"Nobody has the right to judge women or blame or stigmatise their decisions. Yet, the Polish government is determined to attack women's rights. Through the government controlled 'Constitutional Tribunal', the ruling PiS party has decided to condemn women in Poland to cruelty and suffering. The situation today proves that Poland women cannot rely the institutions responsible for the defence of the constitution and human rights to protect them. 

"The Polish government's abuse of the rule of law has real life consequences that will cause suffering for countless people. The EU must not continue to stand by and watch as the rights of European citizens are stripped away by a far-right government. The Council must take the Article 7 procedure against Poland seriously and act in defence of European values."

You can watch the debate live here.

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