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Posted workers rules

Control system set to be preserved as EU governments follow EP line

EU employment and social affairs ministers today agreed a common position on draft proposals on the enforcement of EU rules on posted workers. After months of deadlock, negotiations between the European Parliament, Council and Commission can finally start, with the EP's employment and social affairs committee having adopted its position in June. Commenting on today's decision, Green employment policy spokesperson Elisabeth Schroedter said:

"Today's outcome is a significant development for ensuring robust controls as regards EU rules on posted workers. EU employment and social affairs ministers have followed the EP's line in rejecting the European Commission's attempt to limit the possibilities to control the implementation of this crucial legislation.

"The overarching goal of this legislation should be to ensure the proper enforcement of EU rules on posted workers, to strengthen the rights of and guarantee better protection against exploitation for these workers, who are often in precarious situations.  To this end, MEPs voted for better cooperation and information in the fight against abuse and effective sanctions, and we hope this will be included in the final legislation. The EP will also have to fight to ensure meaningful provisions on joint and several liability, as the position adopted by EU governments is far less ambitious."

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